About Us

Elite Pest Management Pte Ltd assist Hospital, Home Owners, Condominium, Managements, Hotels, Factories and Food establishments to get rid of Termites, Common Ants, Houseflies, Cockroaches, Rodents, Hornets, Wild Bees and other general pests. Being a Pest Management Company, we advise our clients to adopt long terms sanitary system to be complimented by use of chemicals.

Elite Pest Management main business activity is to provide pest control services. These include commerical, industrial, residential, statutory, institutional, hospital and construction project.

A list of successful ELITE projects undertaken since the early-Ninties. The Success of ELITE is also greatly attributed to its team of talented and dedicated staff. Each is a specialist in his field. Armed with the requisite knowledge and expertise, the ELITE team is dedicated to achieving the Company’s goals and has met every challenging task with great success.

It is our firmed objective to ensure you the “Peace of mind” with the sustained high quality service. If safety is your concern and you do not wish to take risk of contaminating your plant and premises whilst exterminating the pests.

Awards & Recognition

BizSAFE WSH Council
SPMA Upgraded Accredition
Authorised Applicator
Member Of SPMA
Authorised Installer

Elite Pest Management Pte Ltd is an NEA Registered Vector Control Operator Licensed Company (NEA199100288E)