Termite Inspections

Elite Pest Management employed Termatrac, which is a breakthrough development in the detection of termites, invented and developed in Australia using technology similar to radar, Termatrac is the exciting answer to detecting termites through.

Termite Baiting System

Termites' damage amounts to many billions of dollars each year throughout the world, with the heaviest losses occurring in warm -climate areas. This inspection requires much experience and special knowledge of termite biology and habits. A correct diagnosis is essential for successful treatment.

Termite Treatment

Also known as Slab Injection, this is the next best preventive measure for subterranean termite control. This process consists of drilling through the floor slab and injecting termiticide solution into the soil. Applying of termiticides to the soil around the exterior foundation creates a complete treated zone or chemical barrier around the existing buildings and structures.

Cockroach Inspection & Treatment

Cockroaches are a medical threat to people in two ways As incidental carriers of microorganisms, they spread a variety of human diseases, by transferring microorganisms wherever they go, causing food spoilage and associated intestinal disorders.

Mosquitoes Inspection & Treatment

Mosquitoes can transmit serious, potentially fatal organisms causing such diseases as encephalitis dengue fever, malaria and yellow fever. They are a threat to people and can spread disease organisms to livestock, pets and other animals.

Other Pests

Other pests include rodents, flies, common ants, mites, bees, hornets, bed bugs, snake, and fleas. The picture show destroying of beehive.

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